Helvetia 2022 / World Stamp Exhibition / 18-22 May 2022 / Lugano, Switzerland

“a video competition based on the themes of Philately and Postal History"


Thank you for your interest and the movies you sent.


1st place
Jan Siegenthaler
Lichtensteig to Fribourg

2nd place
Patrick Schöngrundner
Posta aerea

3rd place
Kevin Schöngrundner
Switzerland welcomes HELVETIA 2022

4th place (ex aequo)

Vanessa Giorgetti
Collezionisti testimoni del tempo

Lea von Orelli
My favourite stamp

Geoffrey Punter
Reading Hemingway

Lara Ziegler
The story of the Matterhorn

FEPA (Europe and Africa)

1st place
Yang Lu (France)
Project on French postal rates

2nd place
Rahael Talks (United Kingdom)
Women on stamps

3rd place
Solène Pleinfossé (France)
La philatélie et le devoir de mémoire

4th place (ex aequo)

Sergei Gevlich (Hungary)
Friends post

Vladimir Nikolov (Bulgaria)
Bulgarian medieval icons on illustrated postcards-maximum

Ivet Penkova (Bulgaria)
My collection

Peter Talks (United Kingdom)
Endangered animals

FIAP (Asia and Oceania)

1st place
Manha Islam (Bangladesh)
Stamps is not only a piece of paper

Philamovie jury

Jury coordinator: Mauro Regazzoni.
Jury members: Luca Devecchi, Livia Caldelari, Ada Kovalchuk, Sergio Cattaneo, Thomas Tattarletti
Best thanks for your valued contribution.

Information about the Philamovie contest

The films will be presented on the occasion of Helvetia 2022 in a side room in Hall MAC 5.
There will be no official prize attribution during the exhibition.
The participants will be informed by the national commissioner.
The Swiss participants will be informed directly.

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Today’s technology makes possible the creation of new forms of communication that, through the widening of philately and philatelic collecting, can reach a large number of new potential collectors, historians or interested persons. The possibility of using and widening the art of philatelic collecting through new technologies (Internet, Videochat, etc.) has seldom been considered in its full potential until recently. Today, the creation of videos has become very easy, very cheap and popular.

Helvetia2022 therefore wishes to launch, within the framework of the World Stamp Exhibition that will take place in Lugano, from May 18 to May 22, a video competition based on the themes of Philately and Postal History. The objective of the competition is to promote our hobby, especially among young people, and give them the opportunity to present the themes of Philately and Postal History from their point of view in the form of a short video.

General Conditions
of Participation

The competition is open to interested parties under the following conditions:

  • Maximum age 30 years
  • Residency in a country participating in Helvetia2022
  • The maximum length of a video must not exceed one minute
  • The file must not exceed 300MB (MP4/h264, 25fps, 16:9 format)
  • The participation is free
  • The submission deadline is 28.02.2022
  • The participation is limited to one video per participant


The Jury will comprise 5 persons chosen by the Organization Committee outside its members.

Evaluation criteria

Content and

50 %

Originality and
theme development







Participants will be divided into 4 geographical regions according to their residence: FIAP (Asia and Oceania), FIAF (the Americas), FEPA (Europe and Africa) and Switzerland.

1 st prize

USD 750

2 nd prize

USD 500

3 rd prize

USD 250

The prizes will be presented to the respective national commissioners. In addition, the following prizes will be granted to the national commissioners with the most entries. 1st prize: USD 500, 2nd prize: USD 350, 3rd prize: USD 250.


All accepted videos are to be free from royalties of any kind. The works submitted will not be returned and will remain available to the organization which is authorized to use them and distribute them for non commercial purposes, mentioning the author’s name.


The Organizing Committee decline any responsibility in case of theft, loss or damage. Appeals are not allowed under any circumstances. The participants accept all specified conditions.