Helvetia 2022 / World Stamp Exhibition / 18-22 May 2022 / Lugano, Switzerland

Benvenuti a Lugano
Welcome to Helvetia
World Stamp Exhibition
18 " 22 May 2022

A specialized world stamp exhibition, with FIP Patronage and FEPA Recognition, celebrating the 160th anniversary of the Sitting Helvetia, the first perforate Swiss stamp and the first to bear the appellation Helvetia, still used today. Organized by the Swiss Federation of Philatelic Societies in cooperation with the Philatelic Society of Lugano.

“Sitting Helvetia”, 1862

The exhibition will be held at Centro Esposizioni, Lugano's fairground and convention centre, which has space for approximately 2'000 exhibition frames. The competition classes will be: World Stamp Championship, Traditional, Postal History, Postal Stationery, Aerophilately, Thematic, Literature, One Frame.

The AIJP (Association internationale des journalistes philatéliques) and AEP (Académie européenne de philatélie) have also granted patronage to HELVETIA 2022. The Organizing Committee will make all reasonable efforts to secure simplified customs procedures for exhibits to enter Switzerland.

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View of San Salvatore Mountain from Parco Ciani

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In the Lugano region you can be surprised by the beauty of the landscape, the diversity of the villages and the mediterranean lifestyle of the city. During your stay you can taste the traditional dishes and internationally appreciated fine wines.

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